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Our production of antibacterial tank has excellent antibacterial effect! (sink by the Chinese Academy of Sciences antibacterial products testing center supervisor: antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus efficiency is greater than 99%;). Is a consumer care family health life excellence products!
After the "titanium silver drill" classical matte surface treatment tank is an industry first, the unique function of fingerprint is not sticky oil eliminates the trouble when cleaning the sink to bring for the housewife. "True gold is not afraid of fire, even if you deliberately in the tank is coated on the surface of any oil, all without washing do not need more detergent to clean, just felt a touch and clean as new! (you can personally test and try out the effect will make you this special function to be unable to restrain the emotions like!) Thus, our research has a unique selling point of the tank out of the ordinary function is the development of environmental health products and the State encourages the strategy towards the line, is a line with the national health and environmental protection, excellent product standard!
Earth people know that China's comprehensive strength in the enhancement, the people's living standards continue to improve! Pay attention to the family environment and health, the pursuit of health and longevity is the popular sentiment. Therefore, a healthy sink with excellent features to meet the needs of the consumer public to lead the new trend of public health life! Inspirational innovation, quality and stability of the tank has always been adhering to the "high-grade water quality, low price" business philosophy to expand the market, has such a powerful selling point of "high quality and inexpensive" tank will be popular among consumers! Its market development prospects are unlimited!

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