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Our company was established in 2008, is located in convenient transportation and economic development of Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City, Nantou, plant covers an area of 10000 square meters, is approved by the state Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered with independent legal person qualification of professional production and sales of stainless steel kitchenware products business entities. The company's leading products of stainless steel sink had to design the whole stretch style small angle R renowned industry (the average monthly sales of nearly 50 thousand sets); manual tank production with excellent quality, affordable prices sold abroad (average monthly sales amounted to more than 30 thousand sets) has become one of Guangdong's largest production and sales enterprise hand sink.
For development to meet the needs of the market, to maximize consumer health care, our continuous research and innovation, after more than two years of time, considering the establishment of the "world's first antibacterial. Antibacterial stainless steel sink, the world's first automatic anti fouling. China decontamination flume and first fingerprint non stick oil tank manufacturing company, and" exploration of a "no fingerprint, anti fouling decontamination. Antibacterial stainless steel sink" full automatic production line integration. Companies with strong economic strength, relying on professional technical team and staff of the wisdom, perseverance, step by step, with advanced technology and unique product features, innovation and excellence in manufacturing tank style in Chinese tank industry stand out and become the largest market for the most. The competition advantage of the "no fingerprint antibacterial stainless steel sink" production base!
The Chinese academy pit bacteria products testing center inspection, no fingerprint antibacterial stainless steel sink "and" on "Escherichia coli Staphylococcus aureus" the effective antibacterial rate of more than 99% of our production, is a great product consumer health care. We sink selling bright, fashionable, and has a unique function of antibacterial, described in the Chinese tank manufacturing industry become an independent school, and our master is Chinese exclusive "fingerprint sink production enterprises without titanium ancient silver matte process". The feature of the tank with the "absolute non stick sticky sweat fingerprints, no oil, convenient cleaning is a great Chinese stainless steel sink manufacturing industry with no predecessors off, that has a unique feature of the health market will sink to beat the pack, leading the new trend of China stainless steel sink industry!
Further, our make still further progress, with the scientific management of excellent antibacterial health products and its expert team, won the award for "National Association of health industry management Chinese antibacterial products association member units, and obtained from the China quality brand promotion committee and the national product quality supervision and inspection center jointly issued the" product quality China identified 500 the enterprise "and" top ten enterprises "China stainless steel sink industry title!
"Quality first, honesty first". "We always uphold the business philosophy, the company will be as in the past to adhere to the" people-oriented, scientific management, pioneering and innovative "business purposes, relying on the perfect production system, advanced testing equipment and strict scientific management, and strive to create more market competitive advantage and unlimited market development prospect of antibacterial antibacterial stainless steel kitchenware series products. "High product quality, low price positioning", is based on the company strength of the marketing policy, is our foothold in this market! We solemnly promise on the sales price in the same grade specifications of products, for customers to ensure is the lowest! We invite all over are no fingerprints antibacterial stainless steel kitchenware products sales agents to join our team, a person of noble aspirations, work together to create a win-win business!
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