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Sinks are always dirty and disgusting? Teach you a trick
Publisher:admin Add time:2016/11/16 Browsing times:361
The sink in the house is no longer dirty! The kitchen is a paradise for housewives, and it can be said to be their greatest distress. Especially the kitchen sink, there will always be many bothering them old water stains. So what to do to get rid of them? Here's a very simple way to keep the dirt away from your kitchen, and make your kitchen a new look.
We will always have 1 water tap Water Leakage phenomenon, while those by metal slit leak place, always have some water stains, affecting perception.
So first, you need a small bowl of vinegar
We will then need cleaning, wipe clean, with a wet cloth is white, tightly wrapped around the gap. Then gently pour vinegar on the cloth, so that dirt is fully soaked in vinegar. And then wait for an hour.
So after an hour, took the sponge brush to clean up the site clean.
So you will find that the water becomes clean! But in some places still unable to remove and clean.
You never mind, again, with a cloth wrapped with vinegar to clean up the site, then wait for an hour.
We then use the sponge brush wipe, can not be erased?
Finally we will wipe excess moisture, so your faucet take on an altogether new aspect!
WOW! Really good clean, did not think the white vinegar can be used to clean up the water, is really amazing! Not only is the kitchen faucet, there are a lot of metal, will produce a lot of stubborn stains, these stains always haunt us. Now well, with this method, we do not have to worry about!

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