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How to identify the quality of stainless steel sink?
Publisher:amdin Add time:2016/11/16 Browsing times:310
1 sink material: the sink is also called Kitchen Basin, the material to use the label for the best 304 stainless steel, because 304 of the steel with low carbon content, so the steel flexibility is better, the thickness of the sink is generally 1.0mm.
2 tank production: water there are two main ways to produce, one is the use of disposable water stamping, there is a welding, welding and welding at the bottom, the middle wheel welding butt welding, etc. several ways.
A punched tank is preferred, the tightness is good, but the water depth of welding is not deep, usually less than 18mm deep and the bottom of the deep welding can reach 21mm, so choose a deep sink, attention must be paid to the welding sealing degree.
3 the bottom of the water tank is provided with a protective coating: the bottom of the water tank is provided with a protective coating which is used for static sound and anti condensation water. Better coating is to use mortar to the negative side of the overall spray, the general is with a rubber pad affixed to the bottom, can also play the static sound effect.
4 tank size: length not what issues should pay attention to, but the width is very important, the width of the cabinet table refer to the standard table width, width of 55CM and 60CM two, but there are special, most of the old house of table 50CM. The table 55CM selected tank width should be less than 45CM, the table 60CM selected tank width as long as no more than 50CM can be installed, but the table 50CM selected tank width is relatively narrow, the width of not more than 41CM, which is very important.
Installation of 5 water tank: two, Taiwan and Taiwan type type, so there is a sink on the stage of the basin and the basin two basin, are generally made of a type, but in recent years under counter wind quietly blowing, under table type more beautiful, give a person a a refreshing feeling, and easy to play table.
6 water tank surface treatment: water tank after surface treatment, the ability to prevent oil pollution is greatly strengthened, the common ground surface, pearl, silver face, the vortex surface, each has its own characteristics.
7 sink water accessories: water tank to the water pipe to select PVC water pipe is good
In addition, water price difference, in addition to material factors and brand, a lot of high-grade water is because it has a lot of human functional design and configuration, such as Taiwan (not wet hand control, water draining board, sliding board), make the kitchen life more convenient and more easily.
So much in the market to see, to understand, and then according to their own kitchen of the real standard to choose it!

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