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Chuwei consumer behavior trends research report under the big data
Publisher:admin Add time:2016/11/16 Browsing times:344
The rapid development of the Internet brings great opportunities to the kitchen market. Research shows that 2015 kitchen products reached 185.7% in the electricity supplier channel growth rate is 20 times more than offline channels. Future kitchen products will tend to be more intelligent, personalized, systematic trend.
Expand the vertical electricity suppliers home improvement market
Survey found that the choice of home improvement products purchase channels, 42% of consumers have used online channels. This part of the consumer in the online business choice, Tmall, Jingdong and other traditional business is still the first choice for people who buy kitchen network of home products. The other vertical electricity supplier in a certain proportion, but to expand market space.
Comparison of different age groups of consumers buy home improvement products channel preferences can be seen, young users tend to use only network channels, the greater the age of consumers, only the proportion of the use of network channels gradually decreased. 25-35 year old consumers favor Online + offline channels to buy at the same time.
Entity brand store vs brand online store
37.5% of consumers only buy in the physical store, on the contrary, 12.1% in the brand online store to buy. First tier cities users prefer brand online store. Especially in the first tier cities around the age of 26 users.
Advantages and disadvantages of network channels
The advantage of network channel is the price temptation, and the disadvantage of the network channel is the short board service. An important reason why consumers choose the network channels to buy kitchen products are cheap, easy and convenient goods more than three. Rather than through online shopping is that customer service kitchen products without worrying about the quality guarantee, and return the trouble.
Kitchen product trends: personalized, convenient and intelligent
Survey data show that consumers for the renovation of regret, the feedback, the highest proportion of the two factors for the lack of individuality and cleaning up strenuous". Among them, the pursuit of "personality" consumers don't mind spending money, effort, aged 25-34 more, more the pursuit of fashion and health; the pursuit of "convenient" consumers do not care about personality, do not pay attention to the brand, 25-29 years of struggle of youth are just really easy, decoration, enough to worry; and the pursuit of "intelligent" consumers don't mind the effort, not about the price, for the high income people, the pursuit of science and technology, pay attention to the experience.

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